George Industries

To Wisconsin Oven,

Our Company had been using “Brand X” Ovens since 1967. The first two units served us well for over 20 years but, each time we would buy a new or replacement Oven we would have issues with performance and / or build quality.

In 2009, when it came time to replace our largest Oven, we knew that we needed to look for a new supplier. Due to the quality of design and the Sales Reps knowledge of what he was selling, it became apparent early in the quoting process that Wisconsin Oven was the one to go with.

When we purchased the first Wisconsin Oven it was a substantial purchase for us, not only cost wise, but size, as it was the largest (5 foot cube) that we use for our process.

The Oven had to meet stringent AMS 2750D Requirements and our own scrutiny, which is almost as tough. The Oven passed with flying colors right out of the box.

We were thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the purchase of this piece of equipment. Everyone involved was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient in making it happen. I really appreciate the fact that there were no surprises. Price, lead time and shipping were as stated, in fact we liked this Oven so much we purchased another in 2011 and are equally happy with it.

I know we made a good choice when I heard “I wish they were all like this” from the company we use to do Calibration and Temperature Uniformity Surveys. I would certainly recommend Wisconsin Oven and its sales and support staff to anyone.

Don Leonard