Middleton Aerospace - Haverhill, MA


I just wanted to let you know what an exceptional young man you have in Corey. It was an absolute pleasureworking with him. He not only got the job done, but it was the way in which he did it that made him stand out. Not only was he here early every day, never took a lunch or a break the entire time he was here, but he also worked late every night, not wanting to go home until he felt the results were good, and we could test during the night. He stayed until 10:30 one night making one last adjustment he felt would do the job (It did!).

When working with our third party calibrator, this is what he had to say about him: "You know, most people work for the paycheck nowadays, and not for the company, their always thinking about themselves. This man works for the company. Everything is for Wisconsin, not him. All praise goes to his company and coworkers, not him. You just don't see this very often in this day and age" (He's 71).

He must have apologized 5 times for sending the ovens out wired incorrectly, and the other issues. Said that was very rare, and now his job was to make it right, and make me happy with Wisconsin (again Wisconsin, not him). Stated that: "If Wisconsin is doing well, he will do well. So it's important for the company to have a good name, and happy customers. Knows he has to do his part, so everyone is successful."

If we all had more workers like Corey (and I believe Wisconsin has quite a few), we would all be in a better place. Great job to whomever is responsible for growing him (although I suspect he couldn't be any other way. A rare find indeed…worthy, but humble at the same time).

You could not of sent a better man to represent Wisconsin!


Ed Daigle
Manufacturing Engineer