NJ Sullivan Company - Dulles, VA

Hi David

We have had two Wisconsin Oven ovens (500° maximum temperature) running 4 days a week (sometimes on Fridays too), 9 to 10 hours a day. One oven is 10 Ft long and the other is 20 ft long.

We have had to replace one fuse and one light bulb. I have replaced the bearings and belts as a preventive maintenance measure.

Our ovens have never failed to start up and run the duration of the work day. We do powder coating and Mil spec painting, so fast cure and fast recovery is a must. Both ovens recover to set temp in less than 10 minutes after we close the doors (they are mainly ran 380 F to 420 F). We ordered double insulation for fast recovery and we are not disappointed in the speed and very low gas bills. I could not be more pleased.

I have had many ovens for not only Paint, Powder and Teflon and I can say in my 35 years of production, I have not had a finer set of ovens. If we ever expand to more ovens our only choice will be Wisconsin Oven Corporation.

Last word, the sales and service people of Wisconsin are very quick to respond to my questions about service and are very concise and clear. Again, I could not be more pleased with Wisconsin Oven in that area.

Thank you,

Drexel Ferguson