August 2015 Blog: The Auto Industry is Heating Up!

Published Date: 
Monday, August 17, 2015

Wisconsin Oven has released their August 2015 blog: The Auto Industry is Heating Up! Read an excerpt below:

After struggling during the economic recession, the automotive industry is enjoying strong growth and profitability. U.S. vehicle sales are reaching pre-recession levels and pushing production to improve the industry and the economy. The suppliers also have a role to fill in the automotive industry’s increasing pace of production. To stay competitive in the market, automakers must look throughout their whole operation and maximize processes and efficiencies.

The auto industry faces many challenges in bringing new models to market. With higher standards and regulations regarding fuel consumption and emissions, automakers are looking in new directions for innovative ideas. New lightweight materials are offering solutions for addressing the need to improve fuel economy. Aluminum and advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are giving automakers choices for body designs and construction.

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