January 2015 Blog: Why Stress Relieving is Important for Metals

Published Date: 
Friday, January 16, 2015

Wisconsin Oven has released their January 2015 blog: Why Stress Relieving is Important for Metals. Read an excerpt below:

Stress relieving is a good thing for all of us and most of us know why. It keeps us from hitting the breaking point and cracking. That is exactly the same theory behind stress relieving for metals. In metal fabrications, residual stress must be addressed to prevent distortions in weldments.

Stress relieving using heat (also known as annealing) is a process by which metals are heated to a temperature that falls just below the range where the structure of the metal would begin to change. The exact temperature depends on the metal being treated. The parts are then held at that temperature until a uniform temperature is reached throughout the whole part and then the parts are cooled.

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