Composite Curing Ovens

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Composite Curing Ovens
Composite Curing Ovens
Industrial Composite Curing Ovens
Industrial Composite Curing Oven
Composite Curing Ovens


Our industrial composite curing ovens are used for curing a wide variety of composite material. They are commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

  • 70 Standard Sizes (Custom sizes to meet your specific composite curing needs are available)
  • Gas Fired, Indirect Gas Fired or Electrically Heated
  • Maximum Temperature - 500° F
  • 650, 800, 1000° F optional

Our Composite Curing Ovens offer these Benefits:

Heat Your Parts Faster

High pressure recirculation blower, along with fully enclosed & pressurized supply ducts, delivers heat with a combination airflow arrangement, ensures the best heat distribution throughout the work chamber, even with varying loads.

Easy Temperature Certification

All Composite Curing Ovens are certified for±10 @ 350°F temperature uniformity before shipment, so no additional adjustment is necessary after installation;±5°F, or tighter tolerances, are also available.

Lower Installation & Start-Up Costs

All units are fully factory tested, adjusted & certified. Our equipment must pass a 154 point quality inspection PRIOR to shipment.

Reduced Maintenance

Heavy duty construction, brand-name components & quality workmanship, along with our Exclusive 3 Year Warranty, will make this The Work Horse™ of your facility.

Wisconsin Oven Composite Curing Oven Vacuum SystemComposite Curing Options

  • Vacuum ports, piping, & pumps
  • Pressure transducers
  • Thermocouple jack panels for monitoring chamber temperature
  • Digital programmable controllers
  • Chart recorders, Data acquisition devices & systems
  • Motorized dampers for advanced heating and cooling capabilities
  • Process Timer
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Access Ports
  • Many other options available upon request


Composite Curing Oven Vacuum Piping System










   Vacuum Piping System w/ pressure
transducers & thermocouple jack panel

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