Elevator Style Batch Ovens

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Elevator Style Batch Ovens

What is an Elevator Batch Oven?

The concept of an elevator oven is very simple, and it's name is derived from the process. The product, often loaded in baskets or on a grid, is positioned under the elevator oven and is attached to a lift mechanism. The load is then lifted into the chamber and the doors, located on the bottom, are closed. The elevator oven then proceeds with the heat treat of the load. Because the chamber is directly above the load car, an elevator oven cuts floor space in half.

Elevator Ovens to Meet the Needs of Any Application

Wisconsin Oven Corporation manufactures Elevator batch ovens of various sizes for any application. The design provides for minimal floor space and excellent uniformity. These elevator batch ovens are often used in the aerospace, glass, and automotive industry. Wisconsin Oven Corporation produces ovens in either electric, gas fired, or indirect gas fired heat, with uniformity of +/- 5°F at operating temperatures of 1,000°F routinely.

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