Standard Top Load Oven (STL)

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STL-144/12/12/Cool Standard Top Load Oven
Top Load Oven 2’0” wide x 24’0” long x 1’8” high work chamber designed for re-twisting helicopter blades.

Save Floor Space Without Sacrificing Quality

This standard Top Load oven (also referred to as a coffin oven) offers a compact space savings design. Versatility is provided with the standard removable end caps. This allows several top loading ovens to be placed end-to-end to accommodate larger and longer parts. As an optional feature, the end caps may be machined to allow insertion of instruments, testing leads, and/or tooling.

  • 4 Standard Sizes *Custom Sizes Available*
  • Electric Heat 
  • Also available in gas-fired and steam heated versions


  • Commonly used for drying, composite curing, assorted paint curing, and other heating applications
  • Also used in the petroleum industry for the burn-in and qualification testing of down-hole electronic logging equipment

Premium Quality Top Load Ovens:

  • 500°F maximum temperature rating (other ratings available)
  • High capacity direct drive blowers
  • Rattle proof adjustable ductwork
  • Meets FM, IRI, NEC, NFPA 70 & 86 recommendations

STL Oven Features:

  • Ovens may be connected end-to-end to accommodate longer products
  • Four (4) standard sizes available -2.7 to 12 ft3
  • Maximum Temperature - 500°F
  • Horizontal air flow
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Exclusive 3-Year Heat & Recirculation Warranty

Top Load ovens can be used in a wide range of applications and processes. Some typical heating applications include tempering, stress relieving, annealing, curing, preheating, drying, heat-shrinking, and heat-forming. For further information on the applications listed above please visit our Heat Treating Definitions page.

Model STL-09686 STL-12086 STL-14486 STL-1441212
Work Chamber Dimensions
Overall Dimensions
Heating System
Recirculation System
 1,000 CFM/1.5 HP1,000 CFM/1.5 HP1,700 CFM/3 HP1,700 CFM/3 HP

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