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Roof-mounted W-Wall ovens
Roof-mounted W-Wall ovens
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The Most Thermal Efficient Industrial Wall Oven on the Planet

Wisconsin Oven Corporation's patented W-Wall® oven construction will revolutionize the way industry solves their heat processing needs! The W-Wall® oven starts with standard metal building components assembled in a patented design, with allowances for thermal expansion.

The wall sections are designed with spans of 6'W x 20'L or greater, without any through metal. This provides for the most thermal efficient oven on the planet. The design uses manufactured structural shapes, engineered for strength, with lightweight cross sections. The horizontal supports are slotted for growth.

W-Wall® Oven Benefits

  • Oven Construction Breakthrough
  • Patented W-Wall® Replaces Tongue & Groove Panels
  • Wall Losses Cut by 90%
  • Shell Maintenance Eliminated
  • NO Additional COST!

The corrugated walls act as an accordion to accommodate thermal expansion. There is 6" of 6# density batt type insulation and a 2" dead air space, resulting in only 8-12 BTU's of shell loss per square foot. This is 1/10th of normal panel construction. The exterior shell is mill treated with the color of your choice. The surface is warranted against fading, chalking and peeling for a period of ten years. The interior shell and duct are fabricated of aluminized steel.

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