Walk-In Kit Ovens (KWN)

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Walk-In Kit Ovens

7 Standard Sizes - Gas-Fired Heat

The KWN is a cost-effective alternative to our standard SWN walk-in batch oven line. It is designed and manufactured to be shipped as a kit, where the customer assembles the oven body and installs the main components at the final job site, which reduces the initial investment. The control panel and gas train, as well as the doors, are factory assembled prior to shipment. Each KWN batch oven features top-down air flow, with supply ducts located along each side of the chamber for air distribution along the entire length of the chamber.


  • Primarily used for drying water from parts and for curing liquid or powder-based coatings
  • Also can be used for other heating applications with maximum temperature ratings of up to 500°F where vertical-down airflow is effective

Premium Quality Kit Ovens:

  • Heavy duty doors with ball bearing hinges
  • 4” thick, 6# density, semi-rigid batt insulation
  • Aluminized interior and exterior sheet metal
  • Structural supports as required to ensure years of trouble-free operation
  • Meets FM, GE GAP, IRI, NFPA, NEC recommendations

Standard Features:

  • Airflow pressure switches on all blowers
  • Door limit switch to shut the burner to low fire when the doors begin to open
  • Motorized (modulating) gas control valve
  • Digital controller & separate high limit
  • Powered exhaust blower
  • 480/3/60 power supply (other voltages available)


  • Programmable controllers and chart recorders
  • Process timers (auto shut-down and/or start-up)
  • Main power disconnect switch
  • Doors at both ends
  • Shipped pre-assembled
  • Assembly assistance at your facility (turnkey or a working supervisor)

Kit ovens can be used in a wide range of applications and processes. Some typical heating applications include, curing, preheating, drying, and heat-forming. For further information on the applications listed above please visit our Heat Treating Definitions page.

Some industries where Kit ovens can be used include automotive, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, electronics, printing, and finishing.

We will be happy to discuss your specific project and work with you to choose the best model for your application.

 ChamberBlowers & Burner Ratings
Models Width Depth (Length) Height Cubic Feet Recirculation (CFM x 100) Horsepower Burner Rating BTU’s x 1,000 Exhaust Blower
KWN-66-6G666216343350400CFM ½ HP
KWN-610-6G6106360455400400CFM ½ HP
KWN-616-6G6166576707.5500400CFM ½ HP
KWN-810-8G8108640707.5600620CFM ½ HP
KWN-816-8G81681,024707.5750620CFM ½ HP
KWN-820-8G82081,280140158001,000CFM 1½ HP
KWN-824-8G82481,536140159001,000CFM 1½ HP

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