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Hiring for Attitude

2013 October 4

Attitude is everything here. If we don’t pick up on it in the interview, it’s pretty much over before it starts. That’s because we owe our success to the Champion Attitude of our employees. When our president Dave Strand began May&June 2013 Championsworking here in 1986, attitude was low down on the company’s priority lists. As Dave volunteered for overtime, and always strived to work faster and better than the day before, he was met with taunts from many of the other employees. As Dave moved up the ranks, he brought in people with a work ethic to match his own, eventually replacing the naysayers with a team of Champions. Having people on staff with the mindset and dedication to always work harder strengthened the environment of Wisconsin Oven.

We’ve written before about our Work of Champions program, designed to recognize that Champion Attitude. Individuals need and deserve recognition. It’s one of the most critically overlooked aspects of many jobs today. Often times consistently good work is ignored, with the focus put solely on the occasional mistake. Recognition of good performance; telling the stories of success that need to be told—this breeds a positive attitude and leads to even more successes to celebrate. And it avoids the other common workplace issue of only discussing performance during a yearly review. At Wisconsin Oven, we call out our Champions regularly, and celebrate their achievements.

When interviewing new employees, as we’re doing now for various positions, our focus is on attitude. If you have the attitude and the work ethic to come in on time and always do your best, we can train the rest. So if you have what it takes to be a Champion, check out our employment opportunities and send over an application!