Batch Oven Cures Powder and High Temperature Coatings

Published Date: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This EWN-810-8G8 was designed specifically for curing powder paints and high temperature coatings. It is a natural gas fired batch oven with clear inside work chamber dimensions of 8’ wide x 10’ long x 8’ high and is rated for a continuous maximum temperature of 800° F. The oven body is fabricated with 6” thick tongue and groove panel assemblies, and is reinforced with structural steel. The interior sheet metal and ductwork feature aluminized sheet metal, which is a bonded finish, resistant to corrosion, flaking, peeling, etc.

There are bi-parting doors at the front of the oven, reinforced with external structural supports. The doors are complete with extra-heavy duty ball-bearing hinges, and FM approved explosion relief latches.

There is a plug-mounted, belt-driven, 8,600 CFM @ 7 ½ HP recirculation blower to provide combination airflow through the work chamber. This type of arrangement supplies heated air through fully adjustable ducts located on each side of the work chamber near the bottom. There is a full return sheet above the work chamber to provide excellent temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber.

A roof-mounted powered exhaust blower, complete with a blending tee, is provided to dilute the products of combustion and the volatiles released during the curing process. The oven is heated with an Eclipse direct-fired burner, rated for 650,000 BTU per hour. The gas train includes modulating gas control and all necessary safety equipment to comply with FM, IRI and NFPA recommendations.

The oven was fully assembled and then tested at maximum and normal operating temperatures before shipment, to assure proper operation. The roof-mounted recirculation and exhaust blowers were match-marked and removed for ease of shipping and handling.

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