Electric Infrared Dryer Cures Ink on Paper Napkins at 1,400 FPM!!

Published Date: 
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Wisconsin Infrared Systems’ Model Web/IR/E/2Z-CM10134, an Electric Infrared Web Drying System, was manufactured for the paper industry to dry ink on lightweight paper webs running at 1,400 FPM.

This IR oven was specifically designed to dry water-based ink on a paper web which is processed into napkins for the fast food industry. The dryer has two (2) zones of control to provide uniform heat across the web. Medium wavelength rapid response infrared heaters (rated for 188 kW) are mounted above the web to heat from the top, downward.

If the web stops for any reason, this web dryer has fully piped pneumatic cylinders that will raise the heater banks away from the web to prevent overheating. As a redundant safety system, the equipment has a backup air reservoir tank that holds compressed air which is used to raise the heater banks in the event air pressure to the oven is lost.

The dryer body is constructed using tongue and groove panel construction with 6” of insulation and is rated for a maximum operating temperature of 500° F. The NEMA 12 control enclosure is free-standing (for remote mounting by the customer), and includes a main power disconnect switch. The temperature of the oven is controlled through a micro-processor based digital instrument from Honeywell. Over-temperature protection is provided through a DIN rail mounted Barber-Colman instrument. The dryer has a 2,235 CFM @ 1 HP exhaust system and filtered fresh air inlets that remove moisture coming off the web. Balanced idler rollers stabilize the paper web as it is conveyed through the oven.

For further details, contact Wisconsin Infrared Systems at (262)642-4200, or by email at infrared@wisoven.com. For more information on web dryers and ovens, click here.