Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating of metals is often favored by manufacturers because its finish is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is abrasion resistant and will not crack, chip or peel like conventional paint will. There are a number of other reasons powder coating is preferred, which are listed out here as “The 5 E’s of Powder Coating”. Powder coating is typically done through a two-step process: first the coating is applied to the part electrostatically and then the newly powdered part is cured under heat to form a skin. This process is very efficient since the powder wraps around the back of the part for better coverage and ensures 95% material usage of the powder.

The proper way to powder coat a part

To reach a high quality level of powder coating, the heating process must have air flow evenly distributed throughout the body of the part. To help with efficient production, the heating rate should be quick. Both are some of the many qualities Wisconsin Oven’s PCS Series have to achieve a superior powder coating.

Powder Coating Systems (PCS) Series

Wisconsin Oven’s Powder Coating Systems (PCS Series) provides a variety of solutions for powder coating, including:

  • Enhanced Duty Walk-In Batch Curing Oven
  • Wagner PrimaCell Powder Booth
  • Wagner Prima Manual Unit with a PEM Spray Gun

All of the standard powder coating ovens manufactured by Wisconsin Oven provide our customers with not only quality curing for their parts, but the peace of mind knowing that their product comes with a 3 year Heat & Recirculation Warranty.

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