Solution Heat Treating

Solution anneal, solution treatment, or “O” condition are all terms used with solution heat treating of aluminum. The term solution heat treating refers to introducing the aluminum to temperatures just below their melting point and then submerging rapidly in water or glycol quench, “freezing” in certain properties. Some alloys will immediately begin to precipitate, thereby beginning the hardening process. This hardening process continues naturally or by artificially aging hardening and can be used with other metals as well, such as, stainless steel.

Wisconsin Oven SDB furnaces, drop-bottom furnaces, and horizontal furnaces are perfect for aluminum heat treating. Each furnace type has unique properties to handle your needs:  

  • Horizontal quench furnaces are great for heavier sections and can easily be processed and quenched
  • Drop Bottom furnaces are great for wrought aluminum that has a relatively thin cross section
  • Parts may be cast, forged, or machined 

Both the aerospace and automotive industries have been utilizing solution heat treating to make better, stronger components for years.