Wisconsin Oven Offers Lifetime Warranty

Published Date: 
Monday, October 26, 2009

Wisconsin Oven is proud to announce their Exclusive and Unprecedented Lifetime WOW™ warranty. This unparalleled warranty covers all materials for all components (less wear items), including but not limited to the recirculation blower, burner, heating elements, SSR, SCR, temperature controller, and high-limit instrument.

The benefits of this warranty shall apply to the Purchaser FOREVER with no time limit, provided you are the original purchaser of the equipment from Wisconsin Oven Corporation (WOC), preventive maintenance and inspection is performed by an authorized service technician on an annual basis (not to exceed a 12 month interval, commencing from date of shipment), and the customized maintenance program that will be set up for your equipment is followed and documented between annual visits.

For further details on Wisconsin Oven’s Lifetime Warranty, contact our sales office at 262-642-3938 or sales@wisoven.com or click here to visit our website.