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Wood Drying Conveyor Oven
Wood Drying Conveyor Oven
Wood Drying Conveyor Oven

Wisconsin Oven offers a full line of ovens for drying primer, sealer and finish coatings on wood and cement board trim and panels. The ovens use high velocity convection air technology to efficiently dry the boards. The ovens utilize chain conveyors to carry the boards sideways through the oven. The boards can be up to 24 foot long.

The boards are first coated using a curtain, vacuum, spray, or roll coater while traveling at 50 to 200 FPM. They are then transferred onto the oven chain conveyor using a Wisconsin Oven 90° pop-up style cross transfer. This reduces the conveyor speed to approximately 4 to 5 FPM through the oven. Wisconsin Oven's wood dryer uses high velocity heated air to dry the paint or primer. The air is directed either top-down or top-down and bottom-up, as necessary to dry the paint or primer. In this way, coatings can be dried on either the top or bottom of the boards. After the boards leave the ovens, they are manually unloaded, or another 90° cross transfer can be provided to remove the boards from the oven conveyor.

Wisconsin Oven wood dryers are heated using natural gas, or propane, or they can be electric heated. They can dry either water-based or solvent-based coatings. Multiple-zone designs are also offered. Many options are available, such as forced air cooling, capture hoods, Ethernet communication, PLC integration and others.


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