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Pusher and Indexing Ovens are designed to provide the advantages of continuous operation of a conveyor, along with the dense loading and the long dwell time of a batch. The parts are generally loaded in baskets or on trays and are indexed through the oven.


The pusher allows for loading while it is stationary. The pushers are often hydraulic or electric, but can be powered pneumatically for lighter loads. Pusher Ovens also permit you to use the same racks or baskets used for storage, and eliminates the cost of unloading and loading your product on a conveyor. And yet, as with a continuous operation, the equipment, push or indexing time, and dwell time can be designed to provide a constant flow of parts for your production.

Indexing ovens are very common in aluminum processing, for both solution heat treat and aging. Baskets of pistons, manifolds, engine blocks, along with racks of wheels, are just some of the items processed in indexing ovens manufactured by Wisconsin Oven.

Pusher Ovens are often supplied with Quench Tanks or Cool Down Chambers, which can also be supplied by Wisconsin Oven. Pusher equipment can also be designed to change direction of the product flow at 90° right angles for varied plant

Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) can be offered to store time/temperature recipes and record & archive process data.

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