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Pre-Heat or Post-Bake with the same Oven

...more popular than all other brands combined.

Wisconsin Oven is the first, and largest manufacturer of conveyor type print plate equipment. That means we have far more experience, a greater history of innovation, and a design refined to assure a perfect cure every time.

Unmatched Uniformity

The SPC-HD/125 series delivers the energy to the plate at the proper rate with a matched and balanced air flow system. This further reduces annealing and warping, but still provides exceptional uniformity of cure.


The ability to precisely vary time and temperatures provides an extremely broad range of combinations for processing various plate types currently available, as well as those of the future.

Guaranteed Repeatability

The constant conveyor speed and excellent uniformity allows each plate to be exposed to identical conditions.

High Productivity

The conveyor oven can provide a continuous flow of properly cured plates because they can be loaded and cured simultaneously.

Precise Control

The convected air heat transfer system eliminates undesirable radiant heat. A thermocouple type proportional instrument responds instantaneously to recirculated air temperature changes. Over-absorption or under-cure are nonexistent.

Quality Construction

SPC ovens have been in service for over two decades and have proven their ability to survive constant duty with minimal maintenance and wear.

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