Vertical Conveyor Ovens & Furnaces (Ferris Wheel Ovens)

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Side View Schematic Example
Side View Schematic - Example of different designs presented to customer

Ferris wheel continuous process ovens (also known as Vertical Tower ovens and furnaces) can provide a unique way to process a large volume of parts without taking up much floor space while increasing productivity.

Ferris Wheel Oven Benefits

A Ferris wheel oven is ideal for products and parts that need to be handled individually, and can be a great addition to a lean manufacturing work cell environment. To further enhance efficiency and help eliminate non-value added costs, the parts can be loaded and unloaded at the same station. Depending upon the application and your process requirements, this industrial heating equipment can be designed to provide multiple zones of control, and to meet the most stringent temperature uniformity requirements.

Standard Operating Procedure

The parts that require heat processing are loaded onto a tray or fixture that conveys the parts vertically through the equipment, either continuous or indexing. The trays or fixtures are suspended from sprocket-driven chains. Often times, this design utilizes a cooling area to allow the parts to be unloaded at a lower port temperature.


Ferris wheel ovens can be used in a wide range of applications and processes. Some typical heating applications include:

  • Tempering
  • Stress relieving
  • Annealing
  • Curing
  • Preheating
  • Drying
  • Heat-shrinking
  • Heat-forming
For further information on the applications listed above please visit our Heat Treating Definitions page.

From Concept to Reality

  • Based on the Customer’s requirements, Wisconsin Oven’s application engineers provide possible solutions, which are then reviewed and refined with the customer.  Side Schematic Concepts
  • After an order is received, the project engineer will provide a General Assembly with much greater detail. General Assembly Example
  • After a number of weeks of production, the Ferris Wheel oven is ready for the customer’s final inspection prior to shipment. 

We will be glad to discuss your application to help determine whether a Ferris Wheel Oven (Vertical Tower Oven) is a good choice for your application. 

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