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Wisconsin Oven offers custom designed Wash/Draw Systems to meet almost any production requirement. Although most of these wash draw systems use a continuous conveyor belt to transport the product through the washer and oven, other types of conveying methods can be used if they are better suited for your parts and application.

The washer section can be designed with either a single stage, or with multiple stages, heated or ambient (or a combination of each). The washer can be heated with electric sheath heaters, or by an indirect gas fired burner system.

The oven is most often designed with multiple heat and recirculation zones for optimum performance. The heated oven section can be designed with a maximum continuous temperature rating of between 300° and 1,400°F. The oven can be heated electrically, by a direct gas fired burner system, or an indirect gas fired burner system.

Wisconsin Oven can also offer exhaust hoods, blow-off nozzles, and cooling chambers upon request.

In addition to wash draw units that are designed for continuous operations, we also offer these in batch configurations. Visit our washer and quench tank page for more information on washer & quench tanks, or our draw batch page for info on our draw batch ovens.

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