When I started the purchasing process for this oven I had received three quotes in total. The drawing that WOC presented and the follow up on their end, post drawing, was great. Although it was not the lowest bid, I chose WOC because of the follow up with everything. The presentation was professional and there was tons of information supplied on the purchase I was interested in. That information gave me the confidence that I was buying a good quality oven. The pictures helped clarify how the delivery would work. It was exactly what I wanted and everything I was looking to get.

The oven showed up exactly how it was described. It was incredibly clean. I’ve been in the industry for almost 19 years and this is the best, well packaged, well taken care of oven I’ve seen. It is beautiful. The technicians were also great – professional and helpful. The documentation of the controls and operations are done very well. It doesn’t need to be memorized, of course it will be overtime, but everything is written right on the oven. This is helpful for anyone and any staff that needs to use it. I was tremendously satisfied with the communication from the time of quote to the actual delivery and installation – the entire process – “the whole ball of wax.” I would absolutely use Wisconsin Oven again.  

Heath Blundell