• Oven Modifications & Oven Refurbishing Services

    Wisconsin Oven is the leading Industrial OEM Oven Manufacturer. We are therefore equipped for most rebuild, retrofit, or modification work, including complete electrical re-wiring of your oven.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Maintaining equipment in satisfactory operating condition extends the life of the equipment, minimizes unscheduled downtime that can cause major problems in production, and maintains consistency in YOUR product quality.

  • Start-Up & Training

    A Wisconsin Oven technician inspects the installation performed by others, and performs on-site adjustments prior to giving hands-on training to operator and maintenance personnel. Industrial furnace and oven startup and training services are typically included with turnkey installation packages.

  • Uniformity Services

    Wisconsin Oven can provide on-site uniformity testing and certification for your industrial oven. Adjusting the equipment for proper airflow balance and heat distribution provides a tighter temperature tolerance, which can increase YOUR product quality.

  • Installation Services

    Wisconsin Oven offers complete turn-key installation services that include everything from unloading equipment to commissioning the equipment into operation. We also offer supervised installation services, providing a qualified supervisor to guide your installation personnel, giving you confidence that your equipment is assembled and installed correctly.

  • Oven Relocation & Oven Rebuild Services

    Wisconsin Oven is capable of handling entire relocation projects from the moving of equipment, to erection, debugging, start-up, and commissioning the equipment into operation. We are also able to perform on-site oven rebuild service or on-site relocation of any brand of industrial oven.