Stock Walk-In Batch Oven Available for Immediate Shipment

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Wisconsin Oven has one (1) electrically heated Enhanced Duty Walk-In Series Oven, Model EWN-610-8E, available for immediate delivery. The walk-in batch oven was manufactured for composite curing but can also be used for a wide variety of industrial applications such as curing, drying, and other heat treating applications.

The Enhanced Duty Walk-In Series Oven, Model EWN-610-8E, is backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 5-Year WOW warranty.

Details on the walk-in batch oven are:

Temperature Rating

Maximum: 500° F
Normal: 250° F
Minimum: 125° F above ambient

Electrically Heated

480V / 3PH / 60H 

Temperature uniformity

Guaranteed +/- 5° F at a set point of 200°F and +/- 10° F at a set point of 425°F.

Effective Work Zone Dimensions

5'0" W x 9'0" D x 6'0" H


6'0" W x 10'0" D x 8'0" H

Overall (approximate) DIMENSIONS

10'3" W x 13'0" L x 15'0" H (to top of rotating blue beacon)


6,000 CFM @ 7.5 HP direct driven blower

Vacuum System

  • One (1) 3/4 HP vacuum pump rated at 22 hg of vacuum minimum, a 12 gallon reserve tank, and a vacuum pressure switch
  • Six (6) interior vacuum stubs provided on the left side of the oven

Thermocouple Jack Panel

Twelve (12) position type "J" thermocouple jack panel mounted approximate 48" above the shop floor on the right side of the oven

Exclusive 5-Year WOW Warranty

Covers all materials for all components (less wear items); components (as applicable) covered include, but are not limited to: recirculation blower; temperature controllers, high-limit instruments, & recorders; PLC’s, HMI touch screens, & related components; disconnect switches; power distribution blocks; terminal blocks; transformers; fuse blocks; selector switches & push buttons; pilot & beacon light assemblies; process & purge timers; SSR & SCR’s; contactors; relays; alarm horns; pressure switches; limit switches; vent fans; power supplies; variable frequency drives; etc. as applicable to the equipment quoted; labor is included for defects in workmanship 




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