West Coast Manufacturing Facility

Wisconsin Oven has expanded its manufacturing operations to the west coast. The new manufacturing facility is located in Brea, CA and features sales offices, a 40,000 sf manufacturing shop with state of the art equipment and a high bay 10 ton crane. Local service personnel from the area are factory trained to work on a full range of industrial heating equipment.

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Benefits for Current and New Customers on the West Coast

  • Lower freight costs
  • Reduced shipping times
  • Reduced service costs such as travel expenses and travel time
  • Expedited service calls with a dedicated local service staff
  • Local sales support

Industrial Batch Ovens

Standard batch models are available in a variety of configurations including cabinet, pit, walk-in, draw batch, and top-load. Custom batch ovens such as drop bottom furnaces can be designed around the customer’s specific process requirements. Industrial batch ovens are used for a multitude of applications including finishing, preheating, composite curing, aging, tempering, and other heating applications. Most standard models come with our Exclusive 5 Year WOW Warranty™! Request a Batch Oven quote.

Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Continuous oven designs include flat conveyor belt style, chain conveyors, ferris wheel, carousel, overhead trolley, serpentine, chain-on-edge, spindle, slat type, strip cure, print plate, pusher ovens, dog beams, wash-draw furnaces, as well as specialized custom continuous conveyor ovens (like multi-tier conveyor ovens). These conveyorized industrial ovens and furnaces are used in a wide range of applications and processes such as tempering, annealing, curing, preheating, drying, heat-shrinking, heat-forming, and many more. Most custom conveyor ovens come with our 3-Year WOW™ warranty. Request a Conveyor Oven quote.


Thermal incinerators are available for oxidizing the fumes from the exhaust streams of ovens. Most often, the contaminants are smoke, paint fumes, or solvents.


The industrial ovens are completely factory assembled & tested prior to shipment. Additional services include turnkey installations, start-up service, spare parts, PM programs, profile testing & balancing, rebuilding, and retrofitting.