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IFMA logo“The International Molded Fiber Association (IMFA) is the worldwide source of information on molded fiber products and the molded fiber industry. IMFA provides industry intelligence for manufacturing, technology and the marketplace. IMFA has been the principal source of molded fiber intelligence since 1997, established using the experience and expertise of its founders. IMFA is committed to serving members with trade representation, inquiry resources, and a yearly seminar dedicated to advancements in the molded fiber industry. IMFA is the industry leader in it’s the mission to promote, educate, and improve the molded fiber industry and its role in environmental sustainability.” (https://www.imfa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageID=1)

The IMFA association provides Wisconsin Oven with trade show opportunities and information on the latest technology and market trends in the molded fiber industry.

afs logo“The American Foundry Society is the leading U.S. based metalcasting society, assisting member companies (metalcasting facilities, diecasters and industry suppliers) and individuals to effectively manage their production operations, profitably market their products and services and equitably manage their employees. The American Foundry Society also promotes the interests of the metalcasting industry before the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. With the direction of its volunteer committee structure, the professional staff of the American Foundry Society provides support in the areas of technology, management and education to further the economic progress of the metalcasting industry.” (http://www.afsinc.org/about/?navItemNumber=505)

The American Foundry Society provides Wisconsin Oven Corporation the opportunity to attend trade shows, in-plant training sessions, and networking events to stay connected with top advocates in the Metalcasting industry.

acma logo“The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is the world’s largest composites industry trade group. By delivering invaluable education and events, access to market intelligence, and by working with regulators and legislators, ACMA serves as the center of expertise and competence and an essential driver of industry growth and prosperity.” (https://acmanet.org/about-acma/)

Being a part of the ACMA allows for new opportunities for Wisconsin Oven in the composites industry through committees that are dedicated to specific market segments. The ACMA also provides educational resources to members of their association.

MTI logo“The membership has expanded worldwide and includes commercial heat treaters, manufacturers with in-house heat treat operations, and suppliers that provide products and services to the industry. MTI is active in government advocacy and technical standards, conducts national and regional educational networking conferences, and produces the Furnaces North America business expo every other year. As the largest network of heat treaters in the world, MTI strives to fulfill its mission of enhancing the image and profitability of the heat treating industry.” (https://www.heattreat.net/aboutmti/history)

MTI offers a variety of services to its members, including many different training options, informative courses and seminars, industry forecasts, and more. Being a part of MTI also gives Wisconsin Oven access to their Business Intelligence Data program, which is second to none.

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