Paper Pulp Drying

Molded fiber pulp packaging material is packaging that is created from recycled paper products like paperboard, newsprint, and other consumer and post-industrial waste. These items are shredded and mixed with water to form a slurry, which is then vacuum molded to draw out excess moisture. At this point, the molded parts are 75% water and 25% paper. In order to remove this remaining water, the parts are dried in an oven. The final products are fast-food drink or cup trays, egg cartons, egg trays or filler flats, corner guards, and other packaging material for consumer and industrial products. Wisconsin Oven offers both batch and conveyor ovens with high velocity convection technology to efficiently dry these parts. These ovens are available in multiple heating zones and heat recovery systems can be offered for even better efficiency. The molded paper pulp industry is very diverse, and uniformly drying non-uniform molded fiber pulp shapes and complex geometries can be tricky for short run product manufacturers. Wisconsin Oven can offer unique drying solutions to meet each challenge. 

Determine which dryer is best for your Pulp-Paper packaging or see more information about Molded Fiber Process dryers in the PDFs below.

paper pulp drying PDF

molded fiber process dryers PDF


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