Sand Core Dryers

AFS Logo Before sand molds and cores can accept the molten steel, aluminum, or other metal they must be dipped or sprayed with a core wash on the interior. The sand casing process starts with a wash that is commonly a water-based liquid containing suspended graphite that prevents the metal from sticking to the mold during cooling, and provides a smoother finished part. After being applied, the wash must be dried, most commonly in a conveyor oven. This evaporates the water and leaves the graphite behind. Sand mold and core drying ovens are used throughout the foundry industry to prepare a variety of molds and cores. These ovens can also be referred to as sand core dryers, mold dryers, or core drying ovens. Wisconsin Oven core drying ovens use high velocity impingement and other technology to increase energy efficiency and decrease drying time to allow increased production at a reduced cost per part. Contact us with your requirement and allow us to offer a core drying oven to meet your needs.

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