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Sleeping Soundly on Tempered Springs

Posted: Mar 16, 2018 | Categories: Manufacturing
If you slept like a dream on your mattress last night, it may in part be due to the heat treatment of the springs in your mattress. Mattress springs are tempered during their manufacturing process. For this month’s blog we will start by discussing the history of the mattress and how it developed into using springs for comfort. Then we will talk about why springs are tempered and how the tempering process effects the steel. Sleeping on the cold, hard ground has always been terribly uncomfortable. People began sleeping on primitive beds about 10,000 years ago, during the Neolithic period.

Aluminum in the Future of Cars and the Automotive Industry: Part II

Posted: Feb 13, 2018
Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum Solution Treating The aluminum metals in cars are usually alloys, which means the aluminum contains another substance. Aluminum alloys typically contain copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin or zinc. The addition of these other materials causes specific effects in aluminum’s strength, flexibility, or other properties to make them strong enough for low-stress areas such as the cab’s floor, cowl, and inner door panels. Treatment of the aluminum alloys also influences the physical properties of the sample. Heat-treating aluminum after the forming process helps increase the strength of the aluminum. Aluminum solution treating and aging is therefore an

Looking Forward to 2018 at Wisconsin Oven

Posted: Jan 25, 2018
“You are never more than a few feet away from something manufactured in a Wisconsin Oven.” ~ Hank Kubicki, founder Wisconsin Oven Our blog series in 2018 will highlight just how true that statement is. From the wrinkle-free shirt you put on in the morning to the bedsprings that give you a good night of sleep, our equipment plays a role in the processing of more products than you might imagine. Please take moment to watch this video on all the everyday products made possible by Wisconsin Ovens. Last year, our blogs touched on how industrial ovens are used in

Wisconsin Oven hiring, seeking patents as aerospace work heats up

Posted: Dec 21, 2017 | Categories: Aerospace
Resource: https://www.jsonline.com/story/money/business/2017/12/20/wisconsin-ovens-business-heating-up-company-hiring-expanding/970699001/ Wisconsin Oven is pursuing new patents for equipment used in the aerospace industry. Wisconsin Oven Corp. says aerospace now represents about 40% of its business and it has also done well with ovens used in the production of commercial airliners. The fuselage and body parts of aircraft and rockets are made from advanced materials processed in industrial ovens. The largest oven the company has built was 300 feet long, 200 feet wide and about 100 feet tall. “From the outside, it looked like a factory,” said David Strand, president of Wisconsin Oven’s parent company, Thermal Product Solutions. “Because

Wisconsin Oven –2017 Year in Review

Posted: Dec 20, 2017
2017 has been a busy year here at Wisconsin Oven. To accommodate increases in equipment sales, we recently acquired a neighboring facility in East Troy, WI. The new facility will provide us with the additional manufacturing and office space needed to grow. This year the employees of Wisconsin Oven have also continued their donation program with United Way giving back to the community throughout the year along with our holiday giving initiatives. As a leading employer in the Walworth county area, it is important for us to pay it forward to those in need in our community. Continued Expansion in

Aluminum in the Future of Cars and the Automotive Industry

Posted: Nov 30, 2017
Like composites, aluminum use is increasing in popularity, particularly within the automotive industry. Did you know that the car you drive to work every day is mostly made from two metals, steel and aluminum? Aluminum is second only to steel as the most widely used metal in the manufacture of automobiles. Manufacturers are increasing their use of aluminum as fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and improved designs become more important. Every kilogram of aluminum used in an automobile, in lieu of steel, reduces the overall weight of the vehicle by a kilogram. Because of the incredible weight savings aluminum provides,

The Benefits of Composites for Space Travel

Posted: Oct 31, 2017
Today, deep-space observatories, cryogenic tanks , and launch vehicles all contain composites. Tomorrow, composites will carry humans into deep space. Composites are made up of two or more different materials combined to make a unique material, and a marriage of three characteristics: strength, stability, and mass. These composite materials allow manufacturers to create highly optimized structures that support successful space missions. Weight and cost-savings are critical for the space industry. Materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of space along with lightening the load for the long journey are essential. Because composites are lightweight and strong, they offer substantial cost

The State of Composites: Building a Path to Tomorrow

Posted: Sep 06, 2017
The use of composite material in products has steadily increased over the years. Composites are commonly used in the architecture, aerospace, automotive, marine, space, and recreational industries to name a few. The many benefits for composite material make it ideal for the products in these industries. Composites are light weight, provide high strength and durability with minimal maintenance for years of use. Due to their increased rate of use, the production of composites is always a hot topic. From automotive OEMs to wind energy professionals to aerospace engineers and more - they all agree that there are several key factors