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Tough as Nails: The Tempering Process and Products You Use

Posted: Jan 27, 2020
We don’t often question if our drill bits are hard enough for the job or if our mattress springs are going to hold us up - we just expect them to work when we use them. But what makes a drill bit hard enough to drill through wood and other surfaces without breaking? The heat treating process known as tempering is one of the steps that makes this possible. What is Tempering? In short, tempering is a heat treatment that increases the toughness of certain metals, namely iron-based alloys. The steel is heated to just under a specific temperature (known

Wisconsin Oven 2019 Year in Review

Posted: Dec 31, 2019
During 2019, Wisconsin Oven shipped ovens to manufacturers in a number of industries, including oil and gas, automotive , composites, aerospace, technology , and many more. Our employees also participated in a number of community events. As the year comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to look back at the last 12 months and all the things that our employees and equipment have been a part of. Automotive Industry A Dual Chamber Die Heating Furnace was shipped to a manufacturer in the automotive industry for preheating dies. Another manufacturer in the automotive industry received Pre-Heating