12 Months of Expansion at WOC

Posted: Jan 20, 2017 | Categories: History

As we reach the end of January, the Wisconsin Oven team is looking forward to a 2017 full of growth and success. The three areas of development we want to focus on are physical expansion, company growth, and internal engagement for external success. This will include a new facility, the addition of new employees and implementing a comprehensive training program.

Currently, WOC is looking to expand into a neighboring manufacturing facility to accommodate our continued growth and increase our production capacity. With our customers as a key fuel for motivation, we are refining both our footprint in custom equipment and standard product lines. Blue M will be one of the main focuses in our additional facility, alongside shipping and various administrative duties. We foresee that Blue M products will continue record sales from the increase in laboratory and testing activity. A first quarter initiative for 2017 is to complete the move of all the Blue M products from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin to create room for increasing Gruenberg and Tenney sales. This extra capacity will sufficiently prepare our TPS facility in PA.

Another benefit of the new Wisconsin space will be having room for internal initiatives such as the career fairs and employee training. The career fair this month was quite the success! We had over 130 extremely qualified applicants and are currently in the process of conducting several second interviews in anticipation of adding many new employees to our championship team! Because of this new facility, we will be able to add 80-100 new employees over the next few years as we anticipate continued growth.

As a leader in industrial ovens and heat treatment processes, we’ve learned the value of implementing an inner Championship Culture. We find the reward in our positive team work, ethics, and customer service is the loyalty in our repeat customers who come back for the WOW (Wisconsin Oven Way) experience.  New training programs, in discussion, will include a series of training videos and presentations to help employees understand the features and end uses of our equipment. They will also get an in-depth understanding of the different types of equipment designs, what defines a Custom oven from a Standard oven, who our customers are and the industries we serve. This kind of in-depth technical training will be given to both current employees as well as new hires. We believe the pride associated with industry and equipment knowledge will flow through to the production of the highest quality industrial ovens.

Join Wisconsin Oven in our ongoing quest to bring top knowledge and skill to the industry throughout 2017! You can observe our progress by following our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

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