American Made Matters® & How Wisconsin Oven Supports This Trend

Posted: Nov 15, 2016 | Categories: Aerospace

American Manufacturing leads to an increase in investments and goods which boost the American economy. Manufacturing is an indicator of a nation’s power and prosperity. Not only does a country need to produce more items, but it also needs to manufacture the machines that facilitate the production.

Up until the 1950s, the US led the world in terms of production technology. It controlled over 50% of the manufacturing domain on a global scale. But fast forward to 2016 and the scenario has changed drastically.

Right now America is no longer the hub of production and manufacturing genius. It is, in fact, leading the pack when it comes to offshoring the process of developing and creating goods from scratch. And therefore, the endeavor, American Made Matters® is a clarion call for the consolidation and reshoring of critical manufacturing operations.

What is “American Made Matters®”?

American Made Matters is an educational and networking drive that has been established and sponsored by US based industries, retail distributors with nationalistic sentiments, and assorted patriotic organizations. It organizes the “American Made Matters Day” which is on the 19th of November this year.

The association aims to do a couple of things:

  1. Open eyes and spread awareness. It is determined to wake US consumers – the most powerful segment in the world – to the irreversible damage they might inflict on the economy if they favor goods that are not manufactured in the country.
  2. Bring together manufacturers, suppliers and businesses so that a tight collaboration can be forged between producers who go by the tenets of incurring 50% of the manufacturing costs in the country and final assembly in the U.S with demand channels that want the superior quality and innovation of items produced in the United States.

Over the past few years, manufacturers have started a trend to bring production back to America in hopes to “reshore” many products. This has brought optimism for the industry and American Made Matters looks to fuel this fire and keep it burning until the trend has caught on.

How does Wisconsin Oven Respect American Made Matters®?

Wisconsin Oven has continually supported the efforts of American Made Matters and will continue to do so on November 19th. We are an American manufacturer of industrial ovens for a vast array of sectors including aerospace, automotive, energy production, finishing, and composites. Wisconsin Oven has been manufacturing industrial heating equipment in America since 1973. If you would like to experience the Wisconsin Oven Corporation difference, please call (262) 642-3938.

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