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National Energy Awareness Month

Posted: Oct 25, 2016 | Categories: Aerospace, Automotive, Composite Manufacturing, Composites, Energy, Engineering, Industrial Ovens, Manufacturing, Powder Coating
Energy is the driving force of most modern day conveniences and technology. As technological advances continue so does our need for energy. In 2011, each U.S. citizen used 313 million British Thermal Units (Btu) of energy and since then, this number has continued to increase. Energy sources such as fossil fuels have a limited supply. As human use of energy continues to increase it is critical that more and more energy saving initiatives are taken. As we look towards future generations, it is especially important to reduce the use of our natural resources now. As we continue to educate society

Aluminum in the World Around Us

Posted: Jul 20, 2016 | Categories: Aerospace, Automotive, Composite Manufacturing, Energy, Engineering, Industrial Ovens, Manufacturing
Aluminum and Other Industries Aluminum plays a huge part in our everyday life, and its uses are growing. Three of the largest industries that utilize aluminum in their products are: • Aerospace: Aluminum is the key component in the aerospace market – in fact, aluminum makes up 75-80% of the modern aircraft. It has been an essential component since its beginning, as the original Wright brothers’ engine used aluminum parts in the engine to reduce weight. Today, everything from aircrafts to guided missiles to propulsion units use aluminum as their key component. It is often a chosen material for structural