Championship Culture at Wisconsin Oven, Part I: Customer Experience

Posted: Feb 23, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized

Stepping into a Wisconsin Oven facility you would hear the term “Championship Culture” as a regular part of our vocabulary, alongside “WOW” factor. “WOW” stands for the Wisconsin Oven Way, a mentality which employers, employees, and repeat customers, alike, embrace. To the WOC team, these aren’t just phrases, but a state of mind. We stand apart from our competitors because our main concern is the customer’s experience. Our biggest reward is, ultimately, the repeat customers that we earn through the positivity of our team and work ethic.

The Wisconsin Oven team of champions works closely alongside the customer, from start to finish of every project. This type of process ensures that customers receive the best experience possible. Sure the success and tenure of our products in the field make Wisconsin Oven one of the top candidates when customers are looking for an oven, but it is our company culture that customers can see, appreciate, and relate to that brings them coming back for more. Customers view our company as a trusted source for two main reasons. One, being the overall satisfaction they have with the performance of our industrial ovens. They are high quality, reliable products that impress purchasers through and through. Two, our customers are impressed by the positive environment they see while working with one of our dedicated employees.

We find that the best way to depict the common Wisconsin Oven customer experience is through a customer testimonial. Heath from Maddox Industrial relays his complete experience below:

Q1) Why did you originally choose Wisconsin Oven as the company you wanted to work with?
A: I had received three quotes in total. The drawing that Wisconsin Oven presented and the follow up on their end, post drawing, was great. Although it was not the lowest bid, I chose WOC because of the follow up with everything. The presentation was professional and there was tons of information supplied on the purchase I was interested in. That information gave me the confidence that I was buying a good quality oven. The pictures helped clarify how the delivery would work. It was exactly what I wanted and everything I was looking to get.

Q2) Are you content with your oven purchase? If so, what made you so content?
A: Yes. The installation process. The oven showed up exactly how it was described. It was incredibly clean. I’ve been in the industry for almost 19 years and this is the best, well packaged, well taken care of oven I’ve seen. It is beautiful. The technicians were also great – professional and helpful. The documentation of the controls and operations are done very well. It doesn’t need to be memorized, of course it will be over time, but everything is written right on the oven. This is helpful for anyone and any staff that needs to use it. I’m very content overall.

Q3) How was your experience with WOC?
A: I was tremendously satisfied.

Q4) Are you a repeat customer? If so, why?
A: Not as of yet, but we have the possibility of opening another location in the future and would be happy to use their services again.

Q5) What was the best part about working with WOC? What about the quality of work?
A: The communication from the time of quote to the actual delivery and installation – the entire process – “the whole ball of wax.”

Q6) Has the company held up to your expectations as a reliable resource in the industry?
A: “For sure!”

Q7) Would you work with them again?
A: I would absolutely use them again.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – -                                                                                               Heath, Maddox Industrial

The Wisconsin Oven team would like to thank Heath for his positive words. We’re excited that our Championship Culture shines so brightly through his customer experience.

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