Come Visit Wisconsin Oven at SAMPE 2016

Posted: May 23, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized

The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) exhibition and conference is unique event dedicated to advanced materials and processes. This event, held this year in Long beach, CA attracts an audience of over 3000 professionals working in diverse industries from all over the globe.
The SAMPE conference at Long Beach presents a comprehensive technical conference program with a focus on the development, manufacture, implementation, trade, and marketing of advanced industrial materials for wide range of industries. Hundreds of exhibits, lectures, technical papers, tutorial sessions, and panel discussions will offer valuable information that will benefit professionals at all levels and industries.

SAMPE brings together innovators, leading experts, and researchers, into one place to offer a vast array of knowledge and experience in advanced materials. As a leading manufacturer of composite curing and heat treating ovens for a variety of applications, Wisconsin Oven understands the importance of advanced materials to today’s modern and cutting edge industries and applications. Here at Wisconsin Oven, we appreciate the opportunity that SAMPE provides to reach a broad and diverse audience of people who are a part of this industry. It also gives us time to network with other industry professionals and learn about new and upcoming processes.

Be sure to visit Wisconsin Oven Booth #N29 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Our experts will be waiting to provide information and to answer any questions you may have on your process and equipment needs. For more info visit We look forward to seeing you at SAMPE 2016!

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