Curing for Down-The-Hole Drilling: Part 2

Posted: Jul 18, 2018 | Categories: Out-of-Autoclave Composite Curing

Protective coating technology for oil and gas pipelines has come a long way since the first commercial oil well in 1859, when iron pipes only carried oil the short distance between drill holes to nearby tanks or refineries. Advances in technology led the drive to change from iron pipes to steel and helped industry professionals find better ways to install the pipe in the ground. Technological advances also improved the quality of pipeline coating formulations. 

Technology continues to improve pipeline coating quality. The application and maintenance of anticorrosion protection are important aspects in the manufacture, installation, and operation of pipelines. Coatings provide long-term internal durability. Curing helps keep coatings in place and functioning at peak performance. 

Curing Coated Pipes For Use in Oil and Gas Industry 

Curing protects the metal pipes and pipeline components from stress, heat, wear and corrosion over long periods. The curing process ultimately improves pipe performance and lifespan. 

Pipeline coatings are cost-effective and viable solutions to maintaining the integrity of pipelines. Coatings act as constant protective linings that help save DTH pipes from corrosion. Coating pipelines can counter the negative effects of pipeline operation, capacity, and costs. 

The curing process can take place in either a batch oven or a conveyor oven, depending on the application. Curing is the process of applying heat to an adhesive or coating which creates a chemical reaction resulting in a harder, tougher coating that is corrosion resistant. Curing ovens bring pipes and other oil and gas products to precise temperatures to cure coatings properly for optimal performance and safety.  

Curing ovens are used for a variety of products and industries. Wisconsin Ovens offers several industrial curing ovens including composite curing ovens, top-load ovens, and custom batch ovens. These curing ovens are designed to provide excellent temperature uniformity and meet customer’s specific process requirements. To learn more about the industrial curing ovens from Wisconsin Oven visit our website or contact our sales team at  

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