Eco-Friendly Industries Provide Sustainability

Posted: Apr 10, 2017 | Categories: Manufacturing

April 22, Earth Day, is a day devoted to increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection. Some of the industries that Wisconsin Oven serves are environmentally focused.

Molded Fiber Industry

The recovery and reuse of resourceful/valuable materials such as paper products is essential to environmental sustainability. Wisconsin Oven manufactures Paper Pulp Drying Conveyor Ovens for the Molded Fiber Industry. The Molded Fiber Industry uses recycled paper pulp to manufacture packaging material for a wide range of uses such as drink carriers, carry out containers, shipping cartons, and more. The environmentally friendly products are made of 100% recycled materials making them an excellent solution to companies looking to use sustainable packaging and reduce their environmental footprint.

For more information on Paper Pulp Drying click here to read an article on the topic written by our Sales Manager, Mike Grande.

Pollution Control Industry

In addition to the Molded Fiber Industry, Wisconsin Oven also designs and manufactures fume incinerators for the Pollution Control Industry. Our thermal fume incinerators are used to process pollutants created in an industrial oven, such as paint fumes and smoke, to rid them of unstable organic compounds. These fume incinerators trap and extinguish contaminants, oxidizing the fumes from the ovens’ exhaust streams, that would otherwise be released into the air. This process rids destructive elements up to 99 percent, according to EPA test method 25A. Furthermore, our partner Baker Furnace provides other pollution control equipment that range from afterburners to thermal oxidizers.

Supporting Green Initiatives

By supporting recycling and pollution control initiatives, Wisconsin Oven is proud to be a part of eco-friendly initiatives this Earth Day, as well as throughout the rest of the year.

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