How the Curing Process Plays a Part in Our Everyday Lives: Part-1

Posted: Apr 30, 2018 | Categories: Out-of-Autoclave Composite Curing

Remember 20 years ago when we all had to iron our clothing each day or else it would be a wrinkled mess? What changed? The introduction of a chemical that could be cured into shirts, allowing us to hang up our wrinkle-free shirts directly out of the dryer and not have to worry about getting out the trusty ironing board.

In fact, many of the items we use in our life have undergone curing, a process that makes products stronger, more durable, easier to use, and more appealing to the eye. Curing involves the application of just the right amount of heat for the right amount of time in a controlled environment.

The curing process uses heat to trigger a chemical reaction, which bonds a finish or adhesive onto the surface of a product or solidifies a plastic or epoxy product. This process creates harder, tougher, and more stable material and coatings that resist temperature, humidity, or corrosion. Curing applications cure powder coating, epoxy resin, thermoplastics, adhesives, rubber, carbon fiber, polymers, plastic composites, and more. The curing process can take place in a batch oven or a conveyor oven, depending on the application.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is a leading manufacturer of curing ovens. In fact, many of the household items you use daily have passed through a Wisconsin Oven. The favorite shirt you wear to work? That ceramic cup you pour your coffee in? The door knob that you turn to leave the house? You guessed it, all of these items may have been cured in a Wisconsin Oven. Curing ovens come in a variety of configurations to meeting varying customer specifications. These ovens may be gas- or electric-heated, and feature multiple options to ensure the customer receives the proper design for the perfect cure of their product.

Wisconsin Oven offers a wide variety of curing ovens that can be configured to provide the optimal cure of your product. For more information on our curing ovens, contact our sales team at For more information like the above, follow Wisconsin Oven on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and be sure to check back next month for Part-2 of this blog series, where we’ll go more in depth about the curing process for everyday objects!

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