How the Curing Process Plays a Part in Our Everyday Lives: Part-2

Posted: May 16, 2018 | Categories: Out-of-Autoclave Composite Curing

Like we mentioned in Part-1 of our Curing Process blog series, the curing process can help us avoid boring, time-consuming household tasks, such as ironing. Curing helps manufacturers create wrinkle-free shirts and other clothing that no longer requires ironing. The heat generated during the curing process causes the fibers of the shirt to expand and straighten, which makes the material resistant to wrinkling.

Tableware manufacturers also use the curing process, as most ceramic cups take a trip through curing ovens. Curing the ceramic coatings improves the cup’s water repellency, increases the gloss, and improves resistance to chemicals and abrasions. Cup manufacturers often favor spindle conveyor ovens. Workers load cups onto spindles that are either stationary or rotating; a conveyor belt then takes the cups through the oven.

Manufactures use spindle conveyor ovens to cure a mind-numbing number of other everyday objects. Even the doorknobs you use to get in and out of your home have been through a curing oven. The process helps doorknobs hold up with repeated use while never losing their luster or shine. Doorknob manufacturers often cover their products with clear or colored varnish. Curing the lacquer produces a hard, durable finish ranging from ultra matte to high gloss, and protects the base surface of the doorknob from oxidation and other environmental factors. The cured lacquer can undergo further polishing as required.

Curing helps coating stick to an object’s surface, known as the substrate. Simply heating up an object’s substrate does not cure the coating – proper curing relies on heating the substrate to a precise temperature and holding at that temperature for an exact amount of time, depending on the coating, the substrate, and the function of the object.

So many of the items you use in your everyday life have spent time in a curing oven. Many of these items have passed through a Wisconsin Oven curing oven! Countless manufacturers use Wisconsin Curing Ovens to cure powder coating, epoxy resin, thermoplastics, adhesives, coatings, rubber, polymers, carbon fiber, and plastic composites onto the items you use every day. Curing ovens from Wisconsin Oven help manufacturers meet tight temperature tolerances and achieve consistent, cost-effective results to create high quality products you can rely on.

Wisconsin Oven offers a wide variety of curing ovens for many applications. Available in both batch and conveyor configurations, our curing ovens are designed to meet your specific requirements. For more information on our curing ovens, contact our sales team at For more information like the above, follow Wisconsin Oven on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and be sure to our blog monthly!

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