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Posted: Oct 06, 2016 | Categories: Aerospace, Automotive, Composite Manufacturing, Composites, Engineering, Industrial Ovens, Manufacturing, Powder Coating

The beginning of US manufacturing dates back to 1785 when the first automated flour mill was created. As the years progressed, so did the machinery. By the 1850s, American manufacturing was using interchangeable parts and mechanization which led to the first manufactured automobile coming off the assembly line in 1908. The automobile industry of the early 1900’s initiated the growth of manufacturing for several decades to come.

Fast forward to today and the manufacturing industry hasn’t slowed down yet. There are countless industries that rely on manufacturing. The industry is a solid career choice for people of all skill and education levels with higher than average wages and often times competitive benefit packages. A current issue within the industry is that the number of skilled labor workers are declining due to an aging workforce. As the veterans in the industry are coming up on retirement, new laborers are needed to take their positions and continue the growth of the industry.

This is where initiatives such as Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) come into play. MFG day which occurs on October 7th this year, was started in part to address the issues of a retiring work force by educating the future generation on the reality of manufacturing today. There has been a misperception of what manufacturing jobs entail which has discouraged the younger generations to pursue jobs in the field. This coupled with a lack of skilled trade training programs in schools has created the current “skill gap” that we are facing.

MFG Day is a day for companies to open their doors to the public and promote the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs in American schools. The purpose of the day is to bring more awareness to the manufacturing industry and for companies to address current issues impacting the industry. It gives communities the opportunity to see what manufacturing is all about and walk away with a better understanding of the opportunities available to them.

Manufacturing is the largest contributor to the US economy. A solid foundation in manufacturing means a strong economy. As a leading manufacturing employer in our community, those of us at Wisconsin Oven are proud supporters of MFG Day. We understand the importance of manufacturing not only to our local community but the nation as a whole. Our Championship team of employees have the passion and dedication that has made Wisconsin Oven a leading manufacturer of industrial ovens.

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