Keeping Industrial Oven Parts on Hand is Essential to Reducing Maintenance Downtime

Posted: Oct 23, 2018 | Categories: Preventative Maintenance

Even the best equipment can fail at times. Overuse, missed service dates, occasional misuse, and other problems can bring equipment to a halt. Maintaining an adequate supply of replacement parts provides a number of benefits. Reducing downtime is perhaps the most important of these benefits. Equipment failure always leads to downtime, even if that downtime is short-lived and restricted to only one piece of equipment.

Unplanned downtime is common. In fact, downtime affects about 82 percent of businesses and is the largest source of lost production time for most manufacturers, and this lost production time can lead to profit loss. It can also result in a loss of customer trust when manufacturers cannot deliver replacement parts to those customers on time. Having replacement parts on hand can reduce downtime by eliminating the delivery time. Time is money, so even overnight delivery may not be fast enough in some cases.

While it is important to have an adequate supply of replacement parts, it is critical to stock the right industrial oven parts. Industrial ovens use highly specialized parts, as the components must stand up to the high heat and other rigors associated with industrial ovens. Finding out you don’t have the right replacement part in stock for your industrial oven can rob your company of even production time and profit.

An adequate supply of industrial oven replacement parts may include:

  • blower components
  • burners and burner components
  • conveyor components
  • door components
  • electrical components
  • hearth components
  • heaters
  • motors
  • temperature controllers
  • thermocouples
  • timers
  • transformers ignitions/controls

Wisconsin Oven offers hundreds of industrial oven replacement parts and components – right down to leveling pads, manuals, and paint. Wisconsin Oven also provides spare parts for industrial ovens manufactured by other companies so no matter the brand of your industrial oven, our parts department can help get you up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Due to our extensive inventory, most of our industrial oven replacement parts can be shipped the same day, which helps you avoid costly downtime. If you’re not quite sure what you need, please give us a call and our experienced customer service team will help identify which replacement part you require. In addition to industrial oven replacement parts, Wisconsin Oven also provides a full line of aftermarket services for your industrial oven. Next month’s blog will cover the importance to properly servicing your industrial oven and the range of aftermarket services we offer.

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