Looking Forward to 2018 at Wisconsin Oven

Posted: Jan 25, 2018 | Categories: History

“You are never more than a few feet away from something manufactured in a Wisconsin Oven.” ~ Hank Kubicki, founder Wisconsin Oven

Our blog series in 2018 will highlight just how true that statement is. From the wrinkle-free shirt you put on in the morning to the bedsprings that give you a good night of sleep, our equipment plays a role in the processing of more products than you might imagine. Please take moment to watch this video on all the everyday products made possible by Wisconsin Ovens.

Last year, our blogs touched on how industrial ovens are used in the manufacturing process of composites. We talked about the benefits of using composites in the aerospace industry and space travel, and how using composites will help build the path to the future of private space travel. We also talked how U.S. wood is on the rise and provided an overview of why choosing the drying oven is essential for sand mold and core drying.

Looking forward to 2018, our focus will continue on how our equipment plays a role in many of the products you use every day. We will talk about how our spindle conveyor ovens cure ceramic coffee cups you use in the morning, for example, and how they cure the varnish on the door handles you turn as you leave the house. We will discuss how most of the components in your car have been processed in a heat-treating oven and how heat treated parts used in the oil and gas industry help you fuel your vehicles.

Near the end of the year, we will take a look back at Wisconsin Oven’s history. This year at Wisconsin Oven we will be celebrating our 45th year in business. Wisconsin Oven has been a leader in the design, manufacturing and engineering of industrial ovens and other quality heating equipment since 1973. In the decades that followed, Wisconsin Oven has grown in its product offerings and now provides standard and custom industrial ovens for a wide variety of applications including heat treating, drying, and finishing.

Make sure to check back frequently for up-to-date news on Wisconsin Oven and information on the applications that our industrial ovens are used for. We look forward to sharing our story with you. Also be sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter, and to connect with us on LinkedIn.

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