New Composite Curing Batch Ovens Are Ideal for Advanced Composite Materials

Posted: Feb 08, 2016 | Categories: Composite Manufacturing, Engineering, Industrial Ovens

Manufacturing is embracing Advanced Composite Materials (ACMs) in many different industries and applications. Characterized as high strength lightweight materials, ACMs are ideally suited for structural components in aircraft, aerospace, and automotive applications. Their dimensional stability, temperature, chemical resistance, flex performance, and relatively easy processing make them a perfect substitute for metal components.

These new and innovative composite materials require higher processing temperatures than previous composites. We are introducing new batch ovens that suit the processing of advanced composite parts to meet the demands and requirements of higher cure temperatures.

Most curing ovens have a standard heating temperature. This is fine for processes such as metal and wood finishing, curing adhesives, preheating, baking, and drying. But advanced composite curing requires more intense temperatures.

Industrial composite curing batch ovens designed especially for advanced composites offer a top temperature. These ovens provide temperatures up to 800°F to allow for development of composites that require higher temperatures than those currently in use.

Recently, one of Wisconsin Oven’s composite curing batch oven went back to school. We delivered acomposite curing batch oven to the McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research at the University of South Carolina where it will be used by faculty, students, and industry partners to develop and process new higher temperature materials for use in the aerospace industry. The electrically heated walk-in oven will play a vital role in the development of new materials and also in educating engineers.

The oven features a max temperature rating of 800°F and a re-circulation system that maximizes heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product. We are proud to be part of the McNAIR Center’s Advanced Composite Manufacturing Laboratory – where research and development of innovative composite materials takes place.

As ACMs continue to improve and advance, we will be ready to provide batch curing ovens to meet the high temperature requirements of the newest materials, whatever they may be.

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