Plan for Success with Preventative Maintenance for Your Industrial Oven: Part 1

Posted: Feb 19, 2019 | Categories: Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Wear and tear on equipment happens in the busy world of manufacturing and can lead to equipment failure and costly downtime if a scheduled maintenance program is not in place. The cost of repairing equipment may not seem like much on the surface. Even at $200 per hour, a full day of repairs would only cost the company $1,600. But the true downtime costs can add up quickly when factoring in labor costs and production downtime. As Frain Industries points out, a food packaging line will cost $35 for every minute it is stopped. For larger or more complex products, the cost is even higher.

Just as with other equipment in the manufacturing world, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance service on your industrial oven is key to maintaining peak performance for your application and minimizing downtime for repairs. Regular maintenance programs strive to avoid untimely repairs that lead to lost production time and profit.

Wisconsin Oven offers preventive maintenance services for industrial ovens to ensure they continue to run at peak efficiency and performance. Our preventive maintenance service program features planned systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, performance testing and analysis, and the replacement of worn or outdated components. A preventative maintenance program may also include recertification of temperature uniformity and burner cleaning and adjustment to improve efficiency.  Annual and bi-annual preventive maintenance service programs are available for customers allowing them to choose a schedule that meets their desired frequency of service.

Every member of the Wisconsin Oven aftermarket team works towards achieving one goal: helping our customers maintain their equipment to maximize production. As a leading manufacturer of industrial ovens, we understand how important it is to minimize downtime for maintenance, improve efficiency, and increase profitability for our customers. Our team strives to deliver complete customer satisfaction on every service project we undertake.

The next blog in this series will outline the advantages of a preventative maintenance program for your industrial oven. For more information on industrial oven parts or services, contact our aftermarket team at For more information like the above, follow Wisconsin Oven on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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