Sand Mold and Core Drying--Why the Right Equipment is Important

Posted: Jun 20, 2017 | Categories: Industrial Ovens

Many components are manufactured through the use of sand cast molding. The majority of metal castings done by foundries are produced this way. Complicated parts and those requiring internal cavities benefit from sand casting and core making. It is cost effective and extremely reliable—if the molds are prepared properly.

To ensure the best outcomes, molds must be able to withstand the high temperatures of the liquid metal. Molds are made with sand and bonding agents, such as clay, in which the shape of the part to be cast is pressed. Molten metal is poured into the mold. Once the component is set up, the mold is broken away.

This step can cause problems. If the part doesn’t release from the mold cleanly, it may not be usable. No part maker wants to find out that they have spent time and money on parts that do not meet their quality requirements. Preparing molds using a parting compound will take the guesswork out of releasing the part from the mold.

A common parting compound used in sand casting is a refractory wash. Made up of water or a solvent based liquid, magnesite talc, or graphite solids, the refractory wash is applied to the molds and cores and dried in a conveyor oven before the casting process. The refractory wash improves the surface finish of the casting and also protects the mold against the extreme heat of the molten metal.

Our sand mold and core drying ovens are used throughout the foundry industry to prepare molds and cores. As each type of metal has different requirements for casting, batch and conveyor ovens must be made to meet specific configurations and requirements. Available in all heat types and multiple conveyor options our Wisconsin Oven provides precise temperature controls that enable accurate mold setting and preparation.

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