Take a Virtual Tour with Wisconsin Oven at CAMX 2017  

Posted: Jul 26, 2017 | Categories: Events

At Wisconsin Oven, we're always looking for new and innovative opportunities to showcase our products. We believe in the quality of the work that we're doing and in the industrial ovens that we're putting out into the world. This is something that we want you to be able to see, feel and experience which is why we're so excited to announce that not only will we be attending the CAMX industry trade show in a couple of months, but we're bringing a special surprise along with us: a bold new virtual reality showcase.

VR Comes to CAMX

Virtual reality is not just one particular technology, but more a combination of many, working together to change the way you experience the world. Using our state-of-the-art VR technology, we'll be creating a show stopping computer generated environment that you can explore and interact with to learn about our composite curing ovens. This experience will give you a more in depth feel for Wisconsin Oven products than a catalog or pamphlet.

Bringing the virtual reality platform to CAMX allows us to provide a more engaging experience for the attendees. Even if we were to bring certain models with us to the show, we couldn't bring them all. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase multiple ovens through the program, so attendees are not limited to just one or two models. They will also have a chance to walk through our facility and see where the ovens are made.

At Wisconsin Oven, we make it a priority to always stay on the cutting edge of what modern technology has to offer. Virtual reality displays like ours are poised to change the way we experience products and services at events like CAMX. We encourage you to stop by our booth P20 to try out a virtual tour of our composite curing oven!

See You At CAMX 2017!

CAMX 2017 (the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo) is just a few short weeks away, taking place from September 11 to September 14 at the Orange County Convention Center in beautiful Orlando, Florida. If you're going to be attending, feel free to stop by the Wisconsin Oven booth # P20 and try out our new virtual reality experience for yourself.

If you'd like to attend but haven't purchased your tickets yet, head on over to the show's official website at TheCAMX.org to get started.

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