Wisconsin Oven 2019 Year in Review

Posted: Dec 31, 2019

During 2019, Wisconsin Oven shipped ovens to manufacturers in a number of industries, including oil and gas, automotive, composites, aerospace, technology, and many more.  Our employees also participated in a number of community events. As the year comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to look back at the last 12 months and all the things that our employees and equipment have been a part of.

Automotive Industry

A Dual Chamber Die Heating Furnace was shipped to a manufacturer in the automotive industry for preheating dies. Another manufacturer in the automotive industry received Pre-Heating Batch Ovens for pre-heating racks of plastic parts to prepare them for painting. The Wisconsin Oven team also shipped a Heat Treating Batch Oven to a manufacturer in the technology industry, which will use the oven to treat materials used in the production of vehicle batteries.

Oil and Gas Industry

A leader in the oil and gas industry installed a Thermal Clean Oven with Fume Incinerator for prebaking drill pipe joints. An Electrically Heated Four Zone Conveyor Oven, which is capable of heating 25 parts per hour with a heating time of 48 minutes and a cooling time of 12 minutes, was also shipped to the oil and gas industry. Two Electrically Heated Four Zone Two Drawer Ovens we also shipped to a manufacturer in the industry for pre-heating drill pipe motor cores and tubes.

Composites Industry

Earlier this year Wisconsin Oven shipped a 2-Zone Indirect Gas Fired Composite Curing Oven to a global manufacturer in the composites industry and a Heavy Duty Walk-In Oven to another composites manufacturer.  Two Multi-Zone Web Dryers were also delivered to a customer in the industry and will be used to cure carbon fiber threads.

Aerospace Industry        

Wisconsin Oven shipped an electrically heated Horizonal Quench Solution Treat System to a major supplier to the aerospace industry. This system is a cost-saving alternative to Drop Bottom Systems and results in a quicker ROI. Another manufacturer in the aerospace industry received a Ferris Wheel Batch Oven this year which will be used to cure epoxy resins on varnishes on assorted aerospace parts. An Electrically Heated Soluble Mandrel Curing Oven was also designed for use in the aerospace industry and is capable of heating 10 tons of soluble material and 4 tons of steel.

The List of Industries Goes On…

A global manufacturer in the machinery industry ordered a Top Flow Conveyor Oven to cure “CPIG” material on plastic housings for electronic components. Five electrically-heated Standard Draw Batch Ovens were shipped to the East Carolina Metal Treating Company in Raleigh, NC, which will use the ovens for stress relieving their products. The consumer goods industry also received equipment from Wisconsin Oven this past year. A Conveyor Oven for curing a latex barrier coating onto bottles for maple syrup was shipped to a consumer goods supplier.

Wisconsin Oven Employees Give Back in 2019

At Wisconsin Oven, we believe in giving back to the community. Wisconsin Oven participated in the Fill the Pantry Contest by setting up donation barrels throughout several of our facilities. Our compassionate and energetic employees collected and donated more than 400 pounds of non-perishable food items to the food pantry this season.

Wisconsin Oven hosted a Spring Blood Drive in March and a Summer Blood Drive in August. In June, several Wisconsin Oven employees participated in United Way’s RUN UNITED 5k Run/Walk and 1-mile fun run for kids. Wisconsin Oven employees also donate year-round to the United Way of Walworth County and are one of the area’s largest contributors.

Wisconsin Oven will celebrate its 47th year in business in 2020, and we are looking forward to another year leading the industry in the design, manufacturing, and engineering of industrial ovens and other quality heating equipment.