Wisconsin Oven Gains West Coast Manufacturing Capabilities

Posted: Mar 02, 2016 | Categories: Aerospace, Automotive, Composite Manufacturing, Engineering, Industrial Ovens, Manufacturing, Powder Coating

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new West Coast manufacturing facility which will allow us to better serve our customers in the surrounding areas. Wisconsin Oven Corporation has always served customers on the West Coast from their Wisconsin facility but at times that has caused delays in service due to travel time and increased freight costs. The new facility will provide current and future customers on the West Coast with quicker service and shipping at lower costs.

What Does the New Facility Mean for West Coast Customers?

• Lower Freight Costs – Manufacturing capabilities on the West Coast means lower freight costs for customers in that area. The lower freight costs will make Wisconsin Oven more competitive when bidding to customers on the West Coast.
• Reduced Shipping Times – In addition to lower freight and shipping costs the time that it takes for equipment to arrive at our customer’s facilities on the West Coast is shorter. This will help us meet quicker delivery deadlines for our customers.
• Reduced Service Costs – Travel expenses and travel time add up for service calls on the West Coast. With our new West Coast location we will have a dedicated local field service staff for installations, start-up and training, preventative maintenance, and repairs. The local staff will be able to provide lower service costs with the reduced travel time and expenses.
• Expedited Service Calls – The dedicated West Coast field service team can respond to service calls quicker than in the past because of shorter travel times. This will minimize equipment downtime for our customers.
• Local Sales Support – The new facility will allow our local sales team to provide our customers on the West Coast with more personalized service by scheduling onsite customer visits so current and future customers can easily meet the staff and view their equipment during the manufacturing process.

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