Wisconsin Oven Industry Overview

Posted: Mar 14, 2017 | Categories: Manufacturing

Since 1973, Wisconsin Oven has been supplying industrial ovens and to manufacturers around the world. We are extremely proud of how many products are processed in our industrial ovens, and how those products play a part in your daily lives. From something as small as bedsprings inside the mattress you sleep and the wrinkle free clothes you put on to the contact lenses you wear--these are just some of the items made possible with industrial ovens.

Industrial ovens, heat-treating ovens, and conveyor ovens are all used to process products around the world. Spindle conveyor ovens are used to cure the ceramic cups you pour your coffee into every morning. Heat treating ovens are used to treat pipes that are used in the oil and gas industries. Large industrial ovens are used to process new and innovative rockets that will make private space travel possible.

In the coming months, we will highlight specific industries and products to showcase the many applications that our equipment is used for. Some of the industries we’ll focus on are the aerospace, automotive and composites industry. 

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