Industrial Ovens for the Composites Industry

AMCA-LogoComposite materials are used in high-performance products. They must be lightweight, yet strong enough to handle harsh loading conditions. Aerospace components such as tails, wings, fuselages, and propellers are standard parts that utilize composite ovens and materials. Wisconsin Oven provides composite ovens with specific composite curing options that ensure the highest quality cure and part quality.

Why the composites industry chooses Wisconsin Oven:

  • Excellent temperature uniformity of ± 10F, and ±5F, or better.
  • Strong knowledge of Pyrometry Specification AMS 2750.
  • Wisconsin Oven Premium Control & Data Acquisition System designed for composite applications.
  • Complete composite curing oven manufacturing capabilities
  • Industry leader, with thousands of installations worldwide.
  • Numerous customer references
  • Experienced and knowledgeable professionals


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